Natural Looking Rhinoplasty Infographic

a graphic representing Dr. Jason Roostaeian's natural looking rhinoplasty services

We’ve all heard of a nose job before, but what exactly happens in the operating room during the procedure? I made this infographic to help you understand what happens during a nose job, medically referred to as a rhinoplasty or a septorhinoplasty procedure. Plastic surgery can get complicated but learning about it doesn’t have to be. Hope this helps break things down a bit and feel free to schedule a consultation if looking for natural looking rhinoplasty results. For additional details about rhinoplasty you can visit my Rhinoplasty service page HERE.

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To view additional photos and learn more about Dr. Jason’s natural looking plastic surgery, visit our Procedures web page and Dr. Jason’s Instagram.

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      Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Roostaeian is a member of ASAPS
      Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Roostaeian is a member of ASAPS

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