Dr. Jason’s One Week Brow, Neck and Facelift Results

A photo of Dr. Jason Roostaeian's brow, neck and facelift patient right before surgery and one week after surgery

We typically don’t show one week results, but these were to good to keep under wraps.

one week Brow, Neck & Facelift results

This is the endearing facelift patient featured in our Instagram takeover – shown here before, during and after her surgery. Generally we plastic surgeons like to allow at least three months of healing before revealing results, but these one week post-op photos were so stunning, we couldn’t keep them under wraps. Prior to snapping these pictures, I removed the external sutures placed along the incision sites. The swelling will continue to improve over the next several months to a year, and the incision scar will continue to fade until no longer visible.

The side-by-side of this patient’s pre-op markings and her smiling face at 3 weeks after surgery are selfies she sent me. I love hearing from happy, rejuvenated patients!



A graphic Instagram post representing Dr. Jason Roostaeian's takeover of the ASAPS account
Dr. Jason’s Instagram Takeover

Recently I had the privilege of taking over the Aesthetic Society’s Instagram for a day. We had an eventful schedule at UCLA’s surgery center, including a rhinoplasty and a face, brow and neck lift – all posted live with questions from Instagram followers. Viewers also caught a glimpse of what happens outside of the OR: delivering good news to family members following surgery, checking on post-operative patients in recovery, and decompressing at the gym after a busy day. All in all, it was exciting to be able to provide insight into what it’s really like to be a board certified plastic surgeon. I hope the audience enjoyed it as much as I did.



Dr. Jason Roostaeian is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ASAPS
What Membership in The Aesthetic Society Means

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, ASAPS, is the world’s premier organization of board-certified plastic surgeons. Membership in ASAPS indicates a plastic surgeon’s commitment to years of specialized training, continued innovation, and a superior standard of care.



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To view additional photos and learn more about Dr. Jason’s facial plastic surgery, visit our Natural Facelift Surgery web page and Dr. Jason’s Instagram.

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      Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Roostaeian is a member of ASAPS
      Plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Roostaeian is a member of ASAPS

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